About Bryan Purcell

Hi, I'm Bryan

I love working with adults who struggle to connect to their faith because their past experiences with church and/or fellow believers leave them feeling like they are never good enough. I love working with people looking for something different than continuously worrying and feeling guilty because they “lack faith.”

Being A Therapist Gives My Life Meaning

Why do I love working with clients struggling to find relief from overthinking, feelings of guilt and shame, and never feeling good enough? Because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the relief on their faces when they realize their pain doesn’t define them; when they reconnect to God’s love; when they are finally able to open up to their spouses in deeply meaningful way; when they commit to starting a family despite their fears; when they decide to lead a small group at church even though they’ve been hurt in the past; when they set boundaries with themselves and with others, perhaps for the very first time.

I’ve been there.

It can be so hard when you feel disconnected from your values. It can be incredibly confusing when your Christian walk is supposed to be your refuge but doubles as a source of pain.


Let's Be Human Together

I’m human first, and I value authenticity. It's common to have brief chats in our counseling sessions about last night’s sporting event, our favorite scriptures, impactful sermons, movies, music, or the funny (or not-so-funny) things our kids say.

I find that deep, meaningful work results from tending to your needs with care and compassion and through your honest feedback about what is or isn’t helping in the counseling room. Like the clients I help, you deserve the confidentiality and honesty of getting help from someone not in your “real life.”

Some Tidbits About Me As A Person

Did I mention I am human too? Here are just a few tidbits (because who doesn’t like to say “tidbits”) about me:

I love sports, especially college basketball and football. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my early 30s – working, writing term papers, and growing a family fast-tracked an acquired taste. I love God, and I love my family. I have served in my local church since I was a kid. My wife and I love to travel, but we don’t get to nearly enough unless you count our kids’ activities.

I’m a “pageant dad” to two girls (talk about an adjustment) and a “bonus dad” to a teenage boy twice my height. My favorite books are non-fiction, especially theology, therapy, and anything related to the human experience. Action and adventure are my favorite films and shows, and thanks to my wife, I’m down for the occasional rom-com or sci-fi flick.

My Professional Background

What makes me qualified to help you…

2005 – B.A. Psychology

2007 – M.Ed. Mental Health Counseling

2008 – Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Kentucky

2010 – Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Kentucky

2013 – Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor

2024 - Ph.D. Counselor Education & Supervision


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Integrative Christian

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Start feeling better. Reach out to set up your first appointment. During the call, you can ask questions and share your thoughts about starting counseling. Email me: [email protected]