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Christian counseling in Maysville, Kentucky
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Are you a person of faith, Christian, or church leader who…

Feels out of place? 

Fears rejection? 

Doesn’t feel good enough?

I can help you reconnect to who you truly are and what matters most to you in life.

How Christian Counseling
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In-Person & Online Christian Counseling
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Despite having faith, intelligence, lots to be thankful for, and a strong work ethic, life is still painful.

I help adults who want to feel connected to themselves, their families, and God. They want to feel understood and accepted. They’re tired of feeling guilty about their struggle, wearing masks, and pretending everything is okay. They’re ready to learn to cope with difficult emotions and painful circumstances and want a deeper understanding of themselves and their struggles.

You deserve to know that having difficult emotions or unwanted thoughts doesn’t mean you are a bad Christian or a fraud. I can help you move away from anxiety and trying to be everything for everyone and towards the relationships and experiences that give life meaning and richness. You deserve to feel connected to yourself despite your “overwhelm” and painful past. Counseling is a non-judgemental space where you can express yourself without being shamed.

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Hi, I’m Bryan

I love working with Christian adults and church leaders who struggle because I’ve been there.

I deeply understand what it’s like striving to be everything to everybody, perfectionistic, and self-critical. I know what it’s like to experience self-doubt and confusion from painful church experiences and relationships. I’ve lived it and found my way through it.

I believe it’s because of my personal and professional experiences that I can connect to people on a real and intimate level. For this, I am incredibly grateful. Nothing is more rewarding than being a part of the moments when clients realize their pain doesn’t define them or their relationship with God.

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