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Sometimes Life Is Painful

Focusing on yourself in counseling may feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you are like the clients I work with who strive to have it all together or feel they lack faith or strength if they seek help from a professional.

I help clients who struggle like you do. Despite having faith, intelligence, lots to be thankful for, and a strong work ethic, life is still painful.

It's overwhelming trying to be everything to everyone in your life. Moreover, it’s deeply confusing when specific experiences with church and/or church culture are a significant source of your pain. Opting out of your life and trying not to feel what you feel provides some relief, but it isn’t long before you’re right back where you started. It can feel good to strive for achievements or even perfection to prove your worth, but this doesn’t bring long-term satisfaction. Confiding in others seems impossible. Before long, worry and anxiety dominate your time and energy. You feel further away from God, something else your mind gives you a hard time about.

Self-criticism, perfectionism, doubt, guilt, and exhaustion from endless thinking

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have difficulty being kind to yourself despite being compassionate toward others

You opt out of important events or relationships so you don’t have to experience discomfort

You think you don’t belong and fear being discovered and disappointing others

You doubt yourself and feel spiritually lost

You feel wounded and cynical about your faith and church experience

You are looking for a professional counselor who shares a like-faith and your values

Move Towards
What Matters Most!

Leave The Overwhelm Behind

In our counseling sessions, clients learn to place less emphasis on things out of their control. Instead, they devote more time, energy, and effort to who and what matters most to them in life. They learn to show compassion to themselves and others, embracing the human God designed them to be. This looks like more time praying, reading the Bible, and serving others. They engage more with family and friends, feel comfortable in their skin, and see themselves as God sees them.

The clients I help find that by learning new ways to relate to their hurt as they prioritize who and what matters most to them, they don’t need their inner critic, and they can put down the mask of having it all together.

I help clients move away from the exhaustion of endless thinking and trying to be everything to everyone else. Just like the clients I work with, you deserve to spend less time on things out of your control and more time and energy on important relationships, serving others, and connecting to God.

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Imagine Having A Full, Rich, And Meaningful Life

I work with adult clients want to feel connected to themselves, their families, and God. They want to feel understood and accepted. They’re tired of feeling guilty about their struggle, wearing masks, and pretending everything is okay. They’re ready to learn how to cope with difficult emotions and painful circumstances, and they want a deeper understanding of themselves and their struggle.

You deserve to love and to be loved. You deserve to live a full, rich, and meaningful life. You deserve to know that it is okay to be a pastor, a person of faith, or a Christian AND still experience the painful realities of life. I can help you move away from anxiety and overwhelm and towards the relationships and experiences that give life meaning and richness.

Let’s Work Together!

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Counseling Can Help

Move From...

Feeling spiritually lost and cynical

Betrayal by someone you trusted

Feeling hopeless and bound by pain

Exhausted by endless thinking and worry

Proving your worth and value

And Go Towards...

Connected to God/faith, yourself, and others

Wholeness, self-acceptance, and self-trust

Hope, understanding, and freedom to live

Present, aware, and in control of your time and energy

Feeling good enough with good boundaries

Go from avoidance to acceptance

The more we try not to have our pain, the more pain we have. Why? Because when we devote our time, energy, and effort to trying not to have our struggle, we move away from God and the people and experiences that matter most to us. This is the pain of absence. The absence of the things we value most. This is human - we do this automatically. We are even more prone to this cycle since we live in a “fix it” culture that promotes getting and staying happy. Pain is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to control your life.

Counseling can help!

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Where We'll Meet

Options To Suit Your Needs

In-Person Counseling in Maysville, Kentucky

If you are like some clients, you prefer a safe, confidential space to connect with your counselor, separate from your everyday life. I see clients in person at my office in Maysville, KY.

Online Therapy in Kentucky

Sometimes clients feel there is not enough time in the day to prioritize counseling. Others feel the logistics of traveling across town after counseling to get to church or soccer practice on time is too daunting. Online counseling provides convenience, so you can join the session wherever you are in Kentucky.

What To Expect

Whether this is your first time in counseling or you have tried counseling before, starting counseling can feel overwhelming. It's common to feel anxious about meeting someone new. The clients I help may feel uneasy or scared to talk about painful experiences when they start counseling. Knowing this, we will spend time on our connection and creating a sense of security necessary for meaningful work together. You can expect me to be compassionate, thoughtful, and direct – challenging you when appropriate. Clients commonly report a sense of relief after their first session. They often say, “Calling and taking the first step was the hardest part.”

Doing meaningful counseling work can be difficult, but moving closer to your values is so rewarding. I’ll work with you to clarify your coping efforts that make sense at first but ultimately move you away from what’s important to you. You will gain understaning and insight into what is and isn't helping you to experience relief. We will find new ways of relating to yourself, to others, and your struggle. Together, we will develop new approaches to your struggle in service of a meaningful life free of added suffering.

It would be my honor to help create that space for you.

Let’s Work Together!

When you call or email to schedule your first appointment, we will briefly discuss what you seek from counseling, and I will answer initial questions about your first visit.  This will not resemble what counseling is actually like with me. It’s an opportunity to discuss how to get started.

In the first session, we will get to know each other more, I will ask questions about your primary challenges and counseling goals, and I will answer any questions you have about your counseling experience. Follow-up sessions typically occur weekly, and we can adjust the frequency of your visits after some time.

You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone.

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